Dziś bardzo ważny dzień dla naszej markowej ambasadorki Karen Brown – na scenie w Nowym Jorku, najważniejszego, międzynarodowego wydarzenia o “przebijaniu szklanego sufitu”  Oczywiście, że trzymamy kciuki, trzymam rękę na pulsie!  „Break the ceiling touch the sky® – the success and leadership summit for women® is one of the world’s most admired “women in leadership” forums, with the World Edition anchored in Singapore and powerful local editions set up in Australia/New Zealand, the UAE, India and the USA. Inspired by the love of a son (former P&G and Walmart executive Anthony A. Rose…/…/

Our 2019 Mission to inspire and enable more women to the highest levels of success kicks off in 2019 with the 2019 USA Edition of Break the ceiling touch the sky – the success and leadership summit for women on Feb 4 in New York! Join the USAs top leaders in business to learn how to take your own career and team to the next level of success and unlock the full power of diversity and inclusion on your business!!